In the building industry, the wall coating market is constantly changing and growing, rising 6% in France to €62 million in 2013*. To meet this change head on, industry pioneer Bostik has developed the very first thermal insulation wall coating.

Insulate walls and give them a silky smooth finish at the same time with Bostik’s all-new patented solution, guaranteed to save time and effort.


This two-in-one solution with its micro glass-bead-enriched formula has been patented as supplementary insulation. It acts as an excellent insulator (low thermal conductivity: 0.048 W/mK), optimizes indoor comfort and saves energy by reducing heat loss by 15%. The easy-to-use wall coating is applied with a spatula or roller before painting for a smooth, flawless finish.

This new product is further proof of Bostik’s commitment to more sustainable building.

Bostik’s thermal insulation wall coating offers users a lasting solution that is suitable for both new buildings and renovation work.

– The thermal insulation wall coating mitigates buildings’ environmental impact and ensures optimal energy use. By reducing heat loss, it saves energy and limits greenhouse gas emissions.

– Less heat loss also means greater indoor thermal comfort from season to season, keeping residents warmer in winter and preventing the “cold wall effect” in summer. At the same time, the walls maintain a pleasant, smooth, white appearance.

– Bostik’s thermal insulation wall coating has very low VOC emissions (A+ rating).

* Source: GfK (total DIY stores, MAT end-May 2013)