Bostik, the leading brand of wood adhesives unique in the market, is launching a new generation of solvent-free liquid contact adhesive for veneering laminates on wood panels.

For years, professionals have wanted to use solvent-free adhesives that offer the same performance as standard products containing solvents.

In order to meet this need and to anticipate future regulations, Bostik is innovating by launching its contact adhesive, SOLVENT-FREE AGOPLAC, on the trade market. This patented solution is a liquid contact adhesive that combines the strength and performance of neoprene glues with optimal ease of use.

The features of solvent-free Agoplac offer a ‘sustainable’ solution, one that is increasingly ‘healthy’ for users, one that can be used both in new-build as well as for renovating existing buildings.

  • In its aqueous state, it can be used as an adhesive for all types of decorative laminate on wood panels (particulate panels, medium density fibreboard (MDF), plywood and lath).
  • Adhesion time is short and display is possible after 25 minutes.
  • It is easy to apply using a neoprene spatula and does not require the wearing of personal protection equipment.
  • Ideal for furnishing communal premises, furniture destined for childrens’ bedrooms and for working in a hospital environment (usage of this product is possible while the occupants are present).
  • Bostik Agoplac Solvent-free adhesive is classified A+, having very low emissions of Volatile Organic Compounds (V.O.C.s).
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