Bostik and Arkema welcome Ecole Polytechnique

Bostik and Arkema welcome Ecole Polytechnique

Thirteen students from the prestigious École Polytechnique (Paris, France) crossed the threshold of the Bostik Smart Technology Centre (BSTC), to spend a day behind the scenes and at the heart of the business of a major player in the adhesives industry, so as to learn more about materials science.

The budding scientists of the X2014 promotion are studying at an institution of higher learning that came top of the 2015 classifications of Engineering Schools. This visit enabled them to learn more about Bostik and the expertise of the whole Arkema group, centred around three activities in the R&D centre:

  • Upstream R&D to deepen knowledge of materials, especially concerning polyurethanes, polyesters and silylated polymers.
  • Downstream R&D for the development of innovative adhesives.
  • Pilot application tools designed to simulate on a real-life scale the actual implementation of the assembly solutions we offer our customers.

The students were also able to explore the Smart House, its energy efficiency and R&D initiatives implemented on the site. A complete demonstration of the Smart House settings was provided under the watchful eye of visitors in order to ensure monitoring and supervision in real time of data collected by the home-laboratory (including temperature, CO2 level, etc…).

BSTC’s engineers made their contribution to the orientation of the students in their professional projects by explaining the career paths and research work in which they were involved on a daily basis (applied research, product development, industrialisation, quality control and HSE compliance, technical assistance and more). “It is always a pleasure to host students and show them our actual innovations. This could show them their true vocation! Some of them have already expressed their desire to do their traineeship with us”, says Vincent TARDY, head of relations with institutions of learning in the Arkema Group.

The École Polytechnique, one of the prestigious “hautes écoles” of higher learning, was founded 200 years ago and is actively involved in a sustainable development initiative for social responsibility designed to produce the talents of tomorrow with a view to mentoring and managing innovative programmes to meet society’s current and future challenges. “We want to thank Bostik and Arkema as well as all the people who talked to us during the visit”, added David IMBERT, one of the students involved.

The Smart House is an innovative, cross-fertilising and collaborative initiative that is the process of obtaining dual environmental certification (LEED®, BREEAM®) as well as thermal certification (PASSIVHAUS®, BEPOS®). This strategic platform is designed to support the development of open innovation partnerships between the Arkema Group and universities and foster the careers of future researchers.

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